Our Vision


To be the best company in the field of electromechanical works in Saudi Arabia and the region.


Our Mission


To supply our clients with unique and distinguished products and services with with high quality and proper price.


maintenance department


It is a vital and important department for converting after-sales services. The specialists in this department performed the necessary checks on the devices to be maintained and consequently find out the appropriate solution for eliminating failures and ensure the fitness of the devices and effective performance of its work. The Maintenance Department covers the guarantee provided by the devices manufacturing company during the first year after installation. The Maintenance Department has an integrated program aiming at the maintenance of the air-conditioning equipments and follow-up the periodic maintenance after the lapse of the guarantee period for the first year. This program is entitled

OPTIMUM i.e. the Integrated Air Conditioning Maintenance Program. It is a program which enables the customers save time and money through. Lengthening the A/C System Services.Minimizing the stoppage caused by non-compliance with the periodic maintenance.Making the A/Cequipments work with high efficiency throughout the year. Maintain the continuous flow of fresh air into the buildings for reducing being hit by several diseases of the respiratory system. Ensuring high quality maintenance works and genuine spare parts. Reduction of the electrical energy consumption.

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