Our Vision


To be the best company in the field of electromechanical works in Saudi Arabia and the region.


Our Mission


To supply our clients with unique and distinguished products and services with with high quality and proper price.


Projects Department


1- Projects Execution Section This section assumes the responsibility of executing all the air conditioning projects layouts by skilled engineers and technicians having long experience in the field of the execution of air conditioning projects. This section in turn is divided into two sub-sections:

Air conditioning equipments Installation Teams The company's engineers and technicians in this sub-section install all types of air conditioning systems and equipments as per the standards approved by the manufacturing company as well as the layouts approved by the Studies and Design Department. The work of this sub-section starts immediately after signing the contract with the customer, as the site preparation works starts for the installation of the required equipments.

Air Ducts Fitting Teams The technicians of this subsection assume fitting all types of air ducts and outlets as per the acknowledged international criteria in this field.

2- Air Ducts Factory This factory has been provided with equipments with high technology to meet the project's requirements of air ducts. Work in this factory is conducted by highly skilled technicians specialized in this field and as per the (SMACNA) standards

3- Follow up & Quality Control Section This section is concerned with the follow-up of projects and ensures their implementation at the highest quality standards as per the approved lay-outs. The engineers in this section ensure the work flow in the projects as per the time schedules agreed upon in the contracts.

Projects executed by our company & engineers

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